Wolfenstein PS5: Will Machine Games Shooter Series Still Come To PlayStation?

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Machine Games might be somewhat quiet since Wolfenstein: Youngblood and the VR-only Cyberpilot, but with Microsoft buying Bethesda and all of its studios, is it possible that the franchise could be solely released on Xbox or PC platforms from now on?

The franchise's reboot, The New Order, was a surprise hit, and its standalone expansion, The Old Blood was great too. In fact, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is one of this generation's finest story-based first-person shooters. 

Could B.J. Blazkowicz skip PS5 entirely?

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Wolfenstein: Will It Come To PlayStation?

In an interview with Bloomberg about the acquisition of Bethesda and what it means for games releasing on other platforms (i.e. not Xbox, PC, or Game Pass), Phil Spencer said: “we’ll take other consoles on a case-by-case basis."

Considering Microsoft already publishes Minecraft on multiple platforms (itself a $2.5 billion purchase for the company), it's not unreasonable to expect that you could still play a new Wolfenstein title on the PlayStation 5.

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That's not to say it's a certainty, though. With customers looking for reasons to buy an Xbox console, there's every chance Microsoft break with their recent messaging to ensure players can only play the likes of Wolfenstein on an Xbox system or Windows PC.

In recent years, though, the company has attempted to push player choice in where gamers play their games.

Then there's Microsoft's history with Nintendo, with Banjo and Kazooie arriving as Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, and both Ori games arriving on the Switch.

While it's unlikely that the Switch is able to run a full, next-gen RPG from Bethesda, there's every chance of some kind of crossover with the House of Mario.

As it happens, Wolfenstein II is a very good Switch port, too.