Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Brings Zombies To London Later Today On PC

Watch Dogs Legion's update 4.5 has been known for some time, but few could've expected a "Legion of the Dead" zombie DLC.

Alongside 60 frames per second performance modes on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, this additional DLC goes live later today, exclusively on PC. As part of an exclusive reveal by IGN, Legion of the Dead turns Watch Dogs into an "undead-fighting PvE roguelite", and you can play with up to for four players.

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Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Brings Zombies To London Later Today

Offering a 21-minute gameplay video (as seen below), your objective for the four-player team to find eight survival packages, then making your way to a helicopter extraction point. With London being overrun by zombies, the military's enforced a quarantine, meaning we'll be fighting undead alongside angry citizens. Currently, there's only one form of zombie and as you might expect, they aren't hackable.

Speaking about this further to IGN, Legion's online game director Jean-Pascal Cambiotti stated "I think there’s something inherently fun about playing with zombies, beyond the instant gratification of destroying them", citing multiple zombie portrayals across popular culture as their inspiration.

That'll launch on PC in an alpha state later today, with planned tweaks based on community feedback. As such, there's no console release just yet, but we'll keep you informed when it happens.

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