The House of the Dead: Remake Technical Details And Gameplay Outlined

It's been a while since Forever Entertainment announced House Of The Dead remakes. With news about the first two main entries breaking in 2019, that went largely forgotten until April's re-reveal during Nintendo's Indie World presentation, and now we've got further details about what to expect.

Speaking to Twitch channel Fragments of Silicon, Artur Gregoznyc of Forever Entertainment provided several new gameplay details. Notably, he revealed that on Switch, they're targeting 60 frames per second docked and 30fps handheld, both running at 720p resolution.

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The House of the Dead: Remake Technical Details And Gameplay Outlined

Classic Mode has been confirmed, bringing us the original game with updated graphics. Sadly, there isn't an option to play the original game directly, as the original source code has been lost. Otherwise, there's also a Horde Mode, a faster-paced variant featuring x15 more enemies. Several control options will be available too, such as Joy-Con sticks and gyro controls.

You can find a full rundown on The Wiki of the Dead for further details but Gregoznyc gave us quite the list here. While he confirms an E3 2021 appearance is unlikely, he did reveal a $15-20 pricing range too, claiming it's in a better state now than Panzer Dragoon Remake at launch. Hopefully it won't be long before we get a solid release date.

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