House Of The Dead 1 & 2 Remastered Are In Development

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An iconic arcade game is being remade for the current generation of consoles. It was confirmed recently that House of the Dead 1 & 2 were being remastered for us to enjoy all over again. It was recently confirmed by Polish website Graczpospolita that Forever Entertainment will be handling the project.

What Is House of the Dead?

House of the Dead is a horror video game franchise, created in 1996, by SEGA. It was originally released as an arcade game, that utilizes a light gun to shoot hordes of the undead, but can also be played with controllers or a keyboard and mouse. House of the Dead 2 was first ported to consoles on the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999, with it also later being made for PC in 2001. Since then the franchise has made a number of appearances on consoles, the most recent being on the PlayStation 3.


The House of the Dead's first game is about an insane and disillusioned Dr. Roy Curien, who plans to mobilize his armies of undead against the unsuspecting populace. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" are dispatched to his mansion, to stop Curien and rescue Rogan's future wife, Sophie Richards. In House of the Dead 2, Goldman, the man behind the Curien Mansion case, claims responsibility. Fueled by his detest of humankind's complete lack of responsibility toward its assigned task, Goldman initiates an undead outbreak on Venice while his Emperor project develops. Two new agents named James Taylor and Gary Stewart are sent in order to stop Goldman.

What Are The Details?

It was confirmed on Thursday afternoon that SEGA, owner of the House of the Dead IP, signed a deal with Forever Entertainment to bring this arcade classic into the modern day. Forever Entertainment were the company that remade Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2, having previously made Fear Effect: Sedna.

Hi Guys! We confirm the signing of the agreement regarding remakes of the games "The House of the Dead" and "The House of the Dead 2". No platforms or release dates have been confirmed, and unfortunately we can’t say anything more for now. Please keep fingers crossed for us and..
— Forever Entertainment (@ForeverEntert)
October 3, 2019

The original report details that the game would come with updated graphics and work on modernising the gameplay, but keep the original spirit and script.


It is unconfirmed which platforms will call home to these remastered games, but given the studio's previous work with the Nintendo Switch, it is likely that's where this game will head at some stage; not to mention that the JoyCon motion control would work great with the game.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91