Watch Dogs Legion's Next Update To Introduce 60 FPS Modes On PS5 And Xbox Series X

Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs Legion's next update will bring the long-awaited 60 FPS performance mode for the game on PS5 And Xbox Series S/X.

Announced in a blog post, title update 4.5 for the open-world game will bring a new Tactical Op, Project OMNI, alongside the 60 FPS gameplay mode. No date for the update was given, unfortunately.

A number of bugs related to Mina will also be fixed with this update including players' inability to return to her if the NPC they control dies and Mina keeping the weapon of a formerly possessed NPC.

Bugs related to being unable to exit Mind Control and NPCs getting Mina's abilities will also be fixed, alongside the issue where you were forced to restart if you mind-controlled an NPC when going out of bounds.

These bug fixes are great, but the real meat of this update will be the performance mode, which fans have been clamouring for since the game can only be played in 30 FPS on consoles right now.

It will be interesting to see what compromises are made visually to have the game run at this high a frame rate.

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