Warframe Presents The New War CGI Trailer, Release Date Confirmed

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With the upcoming The New War expansion around the corner, Warframe shows the newest trailer, this time a CG cinematic movie showing some of the most important moments in the game, as a prelude of what's coming soon in the current conflict against the Sentients.

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Earlier today, a new cinematic CG trailer created by Blur Studios (Netflix’s Love Death + Robots) revealed Tenno's memories of the most defining moments in the game involving The Lotus, while showing some amazing action sequences involving the warframes Nova, Excalibur, and Rhino. At the end of the trailer, it was revealed that the release date of The New War will be December 15.

This new information was showcased in Devstream #158, which also touched several topics such as the upcoming sentient-warframe hybrid, Caliban, and the current progress in the development of the expansion ahead of its release. You can check the newest trailer for Warframe: The New War below.

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What is The New War?

The name “The New War” refers to both the upcoming expansion and the name for the current story arc. This war starts as the Lotus, the leader of the Tenno faction, disappears after an Orokin called Ballas, a scientist from the old Orokin Era, shows up mysteriously alive and invites her to go with him.

After The Lotus apparently deserts with this malicious Orokin, you find, fight, and fatally wound him on the quest “The Sacrifice”, only to discover that the Lotus reverted to her old Sentient form, Natah, and she escapes with Ballas.

Warframe: The New War releases on December 15 on Steam PC, Epic Games Store, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. To keep up with the latest updates, be sure to follow Warframe on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.