Warframe Guide - How To Obtain The Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle

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Last year Digital Extremes partnered with Epic Games to give players some exclusive Unreal Tournament Weapon Skins for several classic Weapons in Warframe, with new sound effects and animations evoking the original Unreal Tournament. This would be the first collab of the two studios who once developed the first-person shooter game Unreal Tournament.


Warframe Unreal Tournament Skins - How to obtain on PC and Consoles

These exclusive Skins are back for PC and they’re arriving for the first time on Console as well, and you can get them for free. To unlock the iconic Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Shock Rifle Unreal Tournament Skins for the Warframe weapons Drakgoon, Ogris, and Stahlta, you must do the following steps:

  • Visit the Warframe page on the Epic Games Store
  • Find the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle in the 'Packs' section
  • Claim your bundle for free
  • Download and log in to Warframe through the Epic Games Store
  • Find the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle in your Inventory!

Meanwhile, in console platforms, you must go through several Alert missions to unlock these exclusive Skins. After doing each Alert you will receive the Weapon Blueprint and it’s correspondent skin, with the last alert giving you three weapon slots, in case you’re full. The alert missions are the following:

  • Alert 1: Drakgoon Blueprint and Drakgoon Flak Cannon Skin
  • Alert 2: Ogris Blueprint and Orgris Rocket Launcher Skin
  • Alert 3: Stahlta Blueprint and Stahlta Shock Rifle Skin
  • Alert 4: Three Weapon Slots

It’s the last chance to add these Weapon Skins to your Arsenal for free, so don’t waste this chance and get them!


This Bundle will be available on PC from July 15 to July 22. Alerts will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch from July 15 to July 29.

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