Warframe Prime Gaming Campaign- How To Claim The Verv Furis Weapon Pack

Digital Extremes and Twitch Prime are collaborating on the new Warframe Prime Gaming Verv Furis Weapon Pack, a special reward that brings a special cosmetic for the Furis weapon that Tenno can claim on Twitch Prime. This pack is entirely free and only requires a few steps to be obtained.

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Warframe Prime Gaming Verv Ephemera - How To Claim

This is one of many bundles that Digital Extremes gives to players these days, with more items being obtainable throughout the following months, with a themed pack releasing each month since last May. Players linking their accounts for the first time will instantly get the Stezia Sumbha Syandana to add to their Arsenal.

To obtain this Drop, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create an Account on Twitch
  • Subscribe to Twitch Prime
  • Link your Warframe account
  • Redeem the Prime Gaming rewards

And voila! Now you have the Prime Gaming Drop. Once you claimed the bundle you will notice that you obtained various items. This event pack rewards all the players with the following item:

Verv Furis Weapon Pack
A green lighting cosmetic skin that you can apply to your Furis weapon in your Arsenal Menu.

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Warframe Prime Gaming - Bonus Reward

By redeeming at least 8 Prime Gaming Drops in-game, you will be able to receive a free Loki Verv Glyph at the end of the campaign. Don't forget to get your hands in this great Glyph!

And that's it! You can redeem the Verv Furis Weapon Pack as the October Prime Gaming drop, but you should keep an eye on the Prime Gaming site and return each month for a new drop to claim more exclusive and free Warframe content!

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