Vikingard Codes - Free Gold and Vouchers

Image o fa viking swinging an axe in Vikingard.

Image o fa viking swinging an axe in Vikingard.

Looking for a brand-new mobile Viking sensation? Our list of all Vikingard codes will break down all the freebies available in this newly released casual RPG from NetEase Games. You play as a fledgling warrior aiming to build up an empire by conquering enemies and creating a family that history will never forget - and using codes makes that much easier.

This Vikingard codes guide will not only run through all the coupons you can redeem right now, but we'll also explain the code redemption process so you know how to do it very easily. That's on top of outlining some other places to check for new Vikingard codes, so you can always remain on top of the hunt for freebies.

Once you've used your Vikingard codes, why not check out some of our other codes lists? We've got all the latest AFK Arena codes if you're looking for some enjoyably straightforward fun, or even some Guardian Tales codes for if you're in the mood for another gacha game hit.

All Working Vikingard Codes

  • vikingard0321 - 300 Gold, eight Lucky Vouchers, Gjallarhorn, ten Aptitude Snake Fang Shards, 80 Bronze Ingot, 60 Black Iron Ingot, two Food
  • Viking0308 - Exclusive Invitation, two Armann Selection Packs, two Colored Stone Belly Chains, two Aptitude Snake Fang Shards, five Black Steel Ingot

The following Vikingard codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on March 23, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • HAPPY2022
Image of the code redemption box in Vikingard.
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How Do I Use Vikingard Codes?

The good news is you can redeem your Vikingard codes quite early into playing the game. You'll need to zip through the early tutorial, but once you're unleashed on building your empire, it's time to redeem!

  • Load up Vikingard.
  • Click on your profile, then tap Settings.
  • Hit Gift Code, and you'll see a text box.
  • Paste a code from our list into the text box and hit Redeem.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message detailing your new unlocks!

What Are Vikingard Codes?

Vikingard codes are free redeemables used to gift players some handy items to make their conquest of this historical world that bit easer. Their contents are entirely dependent on the developers, so they can range from some gold pieces to limited-edition items you can't get anywhere else.

Right now, early-stage Vikingard codes provide pretty much every resource you could wish for. From a bunch of gold that you can use in the store to upgrade items like iron ingots, your warehouse will be generously stocked once you use these Vikingard codes. Combined with even more companion items and vouchers to earn new items, you'll soon have everything you need for your adventure.

How Do I Get More Vikingard Codes?

As Vikingard released quite recently in March 2022, you can bet that plenty of Vikingard codes will arrive in the near future. It's often the best way to entice new players into trying out the game, so you can probably expect more freebies to augment the experience very soon.

If you want those codes the moment they drop, we recommend following the game's Facebook page. It's full of updates and community competitions, and even shares codes on a whim. If you're a social media user, then it's definitely a page worth liking. The official game website is also a handy resource, though you may not find codes there anytime soon.

That's it for our Vikingard codes list for now! You'll have plenty of free items in your inventory once you've used them. You can then check out some of our other codes guides, including Cookie Run: Kingdom codes and a bunch of Genshin Impact codes from the latest stream.

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