Valorant: How to Talk in Team Chat and All Chat

Valorant agents on the Split map.

Valorant agents on the Split map.

Valorant is a first-person, team-based shooter created by Riot Games. Two teams of five take turns between attacking and defending sites across various maps, and a huge part of this is communication. While you will primarily talk to your team to strategise how to secure a win, sometimes talking to the opposing team — be it trash talk or commendations — feels necessary too.

In this guide, we explain how to talk in both team chat and all chat.

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How to Talk in Team Chat

Voice communications settings in Valorant.
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First and foremost, you can find all of your voice communications settings within your menu. When talking to your team, using voice communications is the quicker way of getting a message across than having to pause to type. The default push-to-talk keybind is 'V', but you can change this in your menu to whichever key suits you.

Team text chat in Valorant.
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If you're not a fan of using voice communications for whatever reason, you can also turn them off entirely from your menu and use text in team chat instead. To do this, simply press 'Enter' while in game, and press 'Enter' again to send a message to your teammates.

How to Talk in All Chat

There's no way to communicate with the opposing team via voice communications, for obvious reasons. However, you can talk to them using text in all chat. To access this, there is a simple keyboard shortcut. To communicate with everyone rather than just your team, press 'Enter' and 'Shift' at the same time. Type your message, press 'Enter' again, and all ten players in the lobby will be able to see your message.

All text chat in Valorant.
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That's all you need to know about communicating with your own team and the opposing team in Valorant. If you're new to Valorant, we recommend making sure your customisation options in the game are perfected before trying out any competitive games. Check out how to change the colours of your text chat, how to customise your crosshair, and how to change the sensitivity of your mouse. Then, after some time in the practice range, you'll be good to go.

This article was updated on 12th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor. Contributions from Lloyd Coombes.

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