Valorant New Modes: 3v3, 7v7 And Shorter Games Coming In Future Updates?

Shortly after we've been gifted Escalation in the recent 2.03 update, it looks like we may be getting more new modes in a future update!

Riot has wasted no time getting players excited about what's to come as they've been dropping hints about Agent 15 in-game and are now teasing new modes.

These new modes could really shake up the way the game is played and be something that brings new players to the game.

So what are Riot getting us hot and bothered about?

Here's what we know about possibly new modes in Valorant.

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New Modes Coming To Valorant?

Riot are no strangers to taking on community feedback and this seems even more prevalent with Valorant.

Given the game is still not even a year old, it's important they get things right to ensure the security of the game's future.

In an AMA on Reddit, Valorant developers revealed some future plans for the game's modes including experiments with team sizes and game lengths.

Short And Sweet

If like me, you don't always have time to play an hour-long match, but may be able to squeeze in 15 minutes here and there, you might be in luck!

Developer Jared ‘Darkhorse4Life’ Berbach replied to a question that asked if there was "any chance we'll see a mode with the same rules as unrated/comp with less rounds?".

"This is definitely something we've considered and will continue to consider. I think there's definitely a desire for a shorter form of the standard game mode. Nothing concrete to announce here as of yet, but stay tuned!" was his response.

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Big And Small

Currently, modes offer 5v5 action and free-for-all. But could Riot change up the format?

It looks like it could be a possibility in the future according to Jared ‘Darkhorse4Life’ Berbach:

"We've prototyped modes like this. Nothing concrete to announce today, but we're super open to making 3v3 modes in the future. Like you said, these generally work well on smaller map spaces. Stay tuned!"

They even tried 7v7 gameplay for Escalation. “Some people really liked it,” Kyle ‘tehleach’ Leach said, but it was too complicated to ship.

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“The reason we ended up shipping 5v5 was mainly due to party sizes.”

As a result of seven-player teams, you would be forced into playing with randoms due to the max party size of five."

Things like this have a very good chance of appearing in the future as an LTM and the comments from Riot sound encouraging that it isn't the last we've heard of them.

But, alas, it's no guarantee - could they end up coming in Episode 2 Act 2?

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