Valorant Is Getting Left-Hand View Models, But Not Anytime Soon

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Valorant players have long been asking for Riot to add left-hand view models to Valorant, and it sounds as though they could finally be on their way.

In a recent Ask Valorant thread, the team suggested that it's a feature they are looking to add in the future.


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Valorant Is Getting Left-Hand View Models

That means fans will be able to swap, just as they've been able to do in CS:GO for years.

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September 24, 2020

“We're currently in the process of validating how this would work from not just a technical side, but from a competitive and artistic front as well. While this may seem like a small technical challenge, we want to make sure this is done right for players,” senior Valorant producer Steven Eldredge explained.


“We don't frequently get to see different camera views of our first person weapons and viewarms, so we'll need to make sure our art still holds up when we switch hands for players."

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“We want to ensure that there are no advantages or disadvantages to playing with a left-handed view model and that we maintain a fair competitive playing field. We want to make sure that left-hand view isn't the new meta or that players with this preference aren't nerfed,” Eldredge noted.

It doesn't sound like the update will come soon, though.


"While this is something on our radar, we still need to ensure that we meet the criteria mentioned above and to do so we'll need to put these changes through rigorous competitive and artistic testing," Eldredge adds.

"With all that in mind, we unfortunately don't have a date we can share for when we think this will be available to players."

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