Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battle Pass: All Skins, Buddies, Sprays and Rewards

Valorant's Episode 2, Act 2 update is almost here – and it'll introduce Astra, a brand new Agent, alongside a new Battle Pass full of cosmetics to earn.

Here's everything included in both the free and premium versions. As is usually the case, the Battle Pass will set players back 1,000 VP.

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Free Battle Pass Unlocks

  • Prism III Classic pistol with variants
  • VERSUS // Bind + Icebox card
  • Good Boy, Bruno buddy
  • Dumpster Fire spray

Premium Battle Pass Unlocks

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+ 2
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+ 2
  • Prism III Axe melee with variants
  • Cavalier Vandal
  • Cavalier Operator
  • VERSUS // Sova + Cypher card
  • Make Some Noise spray
  • Epilogue Items
    • Super! spray
    • Good Job, Paul! card

Developer Interview:

:Our high-level goal was continuing to respond to player feedback for the battle pass. Players told us they loved the cute POLYfox skins we made last year, so we wanted to expand on that line with another polygonal animal," explains Preeti Khanolkar, producer.

"This time, we took inspiration from the frog on Split (Froggie Hat!), which the community fell in love with during Closed Beta. With Prism III, we wanted to give players who don’t usually buy skins a chance to get their hands on the clean crispness of the Prism set."

"Adding color variants to Prism was also a fun way to give players more color options. I bet the bubblegum pink one will be popular, especially the Axe melee! As for the accessories, our goal was to continue to create a lot of really thoughtful buddies, sprays, and cards that feel like they’ve been pulled from the VALORANT world, game lore (and teases), and community memes. I don’t know if players know this, but one of our unofficial goals is to make stuff we’re also excited about too!"

What inspired the contents of the pass?

"We had a lot of fun pulling inspiration from a lot of different sources for this battle pass," reveals Sean Marino, Art Lead.

"Players have told us they really enjoy some of the sprays that include Agents, so we have a lot more “communication” type sprays that feature Agents, like the “Shhh!” Cypher spray (to tell your teammates to hold Shift) and the “MY EYES!” Phoenix spray for every time you flash yourself or get flashed by an over-eager teammate."

"Players have also given us great feedback on the VERSUS cards, so we’ve decided to hint at a little more Agent lore through a card featuring Sova and Cypher. And, as always, we love to pull stuff from community memes and jokes, like the “Revive me Jett” spray and “Good Job, Paul!” card."

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