Valorant: Agents of Romance Could Turn War Into Love

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Is Valorant dating sim really happening?

It would seem the Valorant dating sim rumors might be true, despite first surfacing on April Fools’ Day.


Riot Games senior developers issued official comments on Valorant: Agents of Romance, and while that isn’t definitive proof itself, stranger things have happened on April Fools’ Day.

If true, the Valorant dating sim would be a spinoff set in the Valorant universe.

It’s based on a similar idea League of Legends experimented with, where players could forge bonds with specific heroes.

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Valorant: Agents of Romance started life as a new Valorant mode, and Riot reportedly had it planned well before Valorant first launched in 2020.


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What Is Valorant Dating Sim?

Riot executive producer Anna Donlan said: "We’ve been looking into ways to expand and explore the Valorant universe, even prior to launch, and when we landed on a dating sim, it just made sense.

We believe that everyone can relate to and enjoy the Agents of Valorant, whether they’re tac-shooter players or dating sim players.”


The Valorant dating sim would somehow revolve around character stories and how they interact with each other.

Presumably, it would be told through a visual novel-style format, if these WIP images are anything to go by.

Is Valorant Dating Sim Real?

It could be true. Nintendo’s Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia started life as an April Fools’ joke after all, and RGG Studios only turned Yakuza: Like A Dragon into a turn-based RPG after an April Fools’ joke showed people were interested.

Valorant: Agents of Love will release sometime in 2021 for PC — assuming it’s real.

Will Valorant Dating Sim Have New Agents?

It's too early to say yet.


However, we know Jett, Reyna, and Cypher are included at the very least.

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[Source: IGN]