Shroud Agrees That Valorant Has A Form Of 'Pay-To-Win' Skins After Experimenting With Them

Shroud didn't believe that Valorant's weapon skins had any real advantages over the others. It's an ongoing joke that it's better if it is bigger and louder as a weapon. He denied over and over that it made a difference and even took it upon himself to test this claim. Unfortunately, things turned out the other way around than what he had intended.

It's true when a weapon sounds more intimidating, it is. There are countless studies about how even the color of your armor or uniform affects how well you play. So the sound and look of your weapon affect how much you think it's effective.

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Shroud admits that guns need to go bang bang bang, not pew pew pew

Valorant has skins that have a jarring visual effect but do not alter damage or accuracy. In addition, they are harder to shoot with just due to how disorienting they can be. Shroud was also against these skins and thought the benefits of looking cooler did not outweigh the burdens.

Shroud conducted a fairly simple experiment on the game. For a few weeks, Shroud examined every skin he owned to answer the question: Do you play better with the biggest, baddest weapon?

As found by Dexerto:

As it turns out, yes, you do. Shroud admitted that he didn't feel the same if he used the normal weapon skins. The following is a well known weapons technician describing what weapons need to do:

Yes, I feel informed.

Is this real Pay-To-Win? Not really. It's just visual encouragement. Still, Shroud is sold.

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