NetEase Project M Appears To Be A VALORANT Clone

NetEase, an influential Chinese video game company recently announced the beta test for its upcoming 5vs5 tactical shooter for mobile called Project M.

This new first-person shooter mobile game is taking over the internet by storm due to its uncanny resemblance with Valorant.

While most experts claim that it is a poor photocopy of Valorant, others asserted that the game is fairly entertaining.

Naturally, we attempted to join the beta test for Project M, but unfortunately, only 1000 players were allowed so far. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discuss from all the YouTube videos and the official trailer.

So, here is everything you need to know about Project M from the beta test version.

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Project M Closed Beta

The closed beta for Project M opened on 4th August. It is speculated that the testing period will close by 6th August 2021.

The close beta is currently only available on specific Android devices. Unfortunately, the beta test is limited for now and is restricted to 1000 players.

Nevertheless, all the videos and trailers on the internet have given us enough insight to dissect and discuss Project A's gameplay.

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On the surface, the game looks like a cheap knockoff of Valorant, where the Agents resemble the youthful glow of Genshin Impact characters.

Almost all the abilities resembled those of Valorant Agents. Most of the videos on YouTube featured these abilities, and some of them looked absolutely similar to Omen's smokes or Sage's walls from Valorant.

In fact, almost all the classes in Project M mimic their counterparts in Valorant. Similarly, abilities from Agents like Reyna, Sova, Sage, Omen, Astra etc, are recreated with different variations in Project M.

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Characters in Project M

This image contains a screenshot from the mobile game Project M by NetEase which is currently in its beta testing stage.
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Project M - Heroes - Nemesis (Image via NetEase)

There are currently Heroes in Project M. All of these heroes have abilities that resemble one or more Agents in Valorant.

Here is a list of all the heroes and their counterparts in Valorant:

  • Nemesis (looks like Omen and has abilities like Phoenix)
  • Cold Cast (abilities mixed between Astra, Jett and Sage)
  • Faith Arrow (has Sova's abilities)
  • Storm (exactly like Brimstone)
  • Sentinel (Skye and Sova)
  • Elixir (exactly like Sage)
  • Bloodraider (exactly like Reyna)
  • Blink (Omen's abilities)

Community Reaction

The answer to this question is quite tricky, especially when Riot Games have not officially commented on the situation.

NetEase is a direct competitor of Tencent (Riot Games' parent company). Nonetheless, it doesn't seem likely that Valorant's developers will concern themselves with Project M.

Most fans are demanding legal action from Riot after watching the trailer and gameplay from Project M. However, fans will have to understand that while Project M has elements that are similar to Valorant, it is not a direct blueprint of Riot's tactical FPS.

In truth, the community already knows that Valorant Mobile, the official version, of course, is coming out sometime next year. So there is nothing to worry about our favourite Agents having counterparts in a different game.

Although, the aspect of competition shouldn't be a factor for a game as popular as Valorant.

The game is quite popular worldwide and fans cannot wait for Valorant to come out on mobile. That being said, most fans would think that a secondary game designed with similar mechanics and concepts might affect the original game's popularity.

However, that is far from the case with Valorant, or any of the titles from Riot Games.

Who knows, maybe it'll help build hype for Valorant's own mobile version?

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