Valkyrie Force Codes - Free Diamonds and Gold

Screenshot from Valkyrie Force, showing four Valkyrie soldiers in battle

Screenshot from Valkyrie Force, showing four Valkyrie soldiers in battle
April 19, 2022: We checked for new Valkyrie Force codes, and moved one to expired.

Looking for Valkyrie Force codes? Our handy guide has all the freebies you could ever need for the newly released RPG. It follows the Himiko family, who are sworn to protect the Fusion Cube that gives unlimited power to whoever harnesses it. Of course, that's no easy feat, so you'll have to assemble an elite team of warriors to take on the challenge.

Our Valkyrie Force codes guide will break down all the available freebies for this promising new release. They'll grant you free in-game currency and give you a much-needed boost as you find your feet in this gacha adventure. It's a vast and expansive mobile RPG, with countless Valkyries and outfits to unlock, meaning these codes will most certainly come in handy.

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All Working Valkyrie Force Codes

  • DiscordSubs - 10,000 Gold, 10 Diamonds, 10,000 Milk
  • AWAK3NING777 - 150,000 Gold, 100 Diamonds, 60 Combat Vitamin, 50,000 Milk
  • Vfxtiktok - 10,000 Gold, 10 Diamonds, 10,000 Milk
  • vfracademy - 100,000 Gold, 200 Combat Vitamin, 2 Random Chests, 1 Advanced Summon Scroll, 50,000 Milk
  • nwfbfollow - 500 Gold, 1,000 Milk, 5 Summon Scrolls

  • surveyxur - 400,000 Gold, 200 Combat Vitamin, 200,000 Milk
  • instasubs - 10,000 Gold, 10 Diamonds, 10,000 Milk
  • youtubesubs - 10,000 Gold, 10 Diamonds, 10,000 Milk
  • vfr777 - 200,000 Gold, 200 Combat Vitamin, 100,000 Milk, 2 Random Chests
  • VfxFunnelztv - 200,000 Gold, 200 Combat Vitamin, 2 Random Chests, 2 Advanced Summon Scrolls, 100,000 Milk

Expired codes

The following Valkyrie Force codes have sadly expired. They were last tested and confirmed as expired on April 19, 2022.

  • GreatFriday
  • MiddleOctober - 200,000 Gold, 200 Combat Vitamin, 2 Summon Scrolls, 100 Batteries, 100,000 Milk
  • SantaSock
  • MerryXmas
  • HappyDecember - 200,000 Gold, 5 Random Giftboxes, Fortune Box, 100,000 Milk

  • MZIN445DW
  • JSNPLPQ909
  • 80LASMKZ2

What Are Valkyrie Force Codes?

Valkyrie Force codes will grant you an instant, free dose of in-game goodies. This ranges from regular currencies like Gold and Diamonds to rare Advanced Summon Scrolls that can unlock the best Valkyries in the game.

Of course, the primary reward from our codes is mountains of Gold. This is the universal currency in Valkyrie Force, used on everything from upgrading your Valkyries to purchasing Milk, which is another key upgrade component.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of rare rewards, too. Diamonds are the premium currency, which can bag you even more coins to spend. That's on top of the Random Chests and Advanced Summon Scrolls, which combine with Valkyrie Force's gacha elements to let you roll for some of the best items in the game.

How Do I Use Valkyrie Force Codes?

Luckily, redeeming these Valkyrie Force codes is a very simple process. Once you've cleared the first few main quests, the game opens up and lets you browse the various menus at your pleasure. At that point, here's what you need to do:

  • Click on your avatar in the top-left of the screen
  • Tap the 'Settings' menu, then you'll see a 'Redemption Code' box
  • Type in your code and press 'Claim'
  • If the code is valid, you'll get a message detailing your new acquisitions!

How Do I Get More Valkyrie Force Codes?

Since Valkyrie Force is still a very new game, its developer is pumping out plenty of codes to give the fanbase the in-game rewards they crave. Your first port of call should be the official Discord server, which has various channels based on which of the developer's games you're looking for. Once you've verified that it's Valkyrie Force you're interested in, you can check out codes and chat with developers to see when new freebies will land.

It's also a good idea to check the Valkyrie Force Facebook and TikTok pages. Both platforms have dropped exclusive codes upon the game's launch, so you can guarantee that even more will be available there in the future.

Of course, we also recommend bookmarking this page and checking back frequently. We'll be updating our list as and when new Valkyrie Force codes release, so make sure it's your first port of call for all the freebies you could ever need!

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