Valheim Spiral Staircase Method: How To Make a Spiral Staircase

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Although Valheim's building system is pretty advanced, many players have voiced their frustration at stairs within the game. So far the only options are a ladder-like staircase and a smaller one that only really goes forward and takes up a lot of room. Luckily the title is full of creative minds and one Reddit user has found a solution, spiral staircases.

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How To Make a Spiral Staircase

A user took to Reddit to show other players that they no longer have to get frustrated over the stairs in Valheim, his post showcased a spiral staircase method. It's surprisingly simple to achieve, though it may take a few tries to get it right. Sorahn posted a screenshot of his take on spiral staircases which can be seen below. Not only does the staircase look majestic but it's also fully functional, you won't have to jump your way up.

Within the comments sorahn explained how this came to be, the first step is to use a vertical core wood piece. This is followed by placing 4m core wood at each half rotation, you can then place the stairs on each of the 4m pieces to create the spiral staircase. The user also chose to use more wood around the outside to give it more of a polished look. They went on to emphasis players should build it however they want, all that it needs is the support of the initial structure using the core wood pieces. They even took out the core wood centre and voila, the staircase didn't collapse, which is a common theme within Valheim. We've included the progress pictures posted by sorahn below.


Looks simple enough so why not give it a try. If you're interested in finding out more about Valheim, why not check out which biome to head to next