Valheim How To Dive: Can You Swim Underwater In Valheim?

Although Valheim is a brilliant game, especially so early into development, there are definitely a few extremely frustrating mechanics. The amount of loot that probably litters the ocean floors of Valheim, no doubt is ridiculous. If you aren't aware, when an enemy is killed in a deep enough body of water, most of its drops will sink the seabed. Not only can this be pretty annoying but for people who hate to leave items lying about, it can spoil the immersion a little. So how do you get those items? Can you? Let's find out!

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How To Dive In Valheim

If that plank of wood in the sea is bothering you, don't worry you aren't alone, I find myself thinking about it a lot during daily life. Unfortunately, if this is a real issue for you, you won't have a solution any time soon unless the devs suddenly release a new swimming function. So far, all you can do is jump off of a higher surface like a boulder, sink a little into the water and rapidly spam E to collect as much of the resource as you can.

Obviously, this isn't ideal and a diving mechanism might seem simple enough to implement, but with such a new title like Valheim, these things take time. The title is barely two months old at the time of writing, we have many years and plenty of content to look forward to. That's what makes early access titles so great, you get to see the game grow and develop, one day you can look back and know you were along for the journey to create a masterpiece! There are already a few resources within bodies of water so we have no doubt that the team intends to make these resources more accessible.

If we hear anything more on this subject we'll be sure to update you. For now, why not check out what more you can look forward to in 2021 for Valheim?

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