Valheim Barley and Flax: How To Find Seeds and Grow Them

There's plenty of things to grow in Valheim, some of these crops can be pretty difficult to obtain, mostly due to hostile enemies. Barley and Flax are really important for a player to have later into the game, but how do you get them and can you grow it yourself? Keep reading to find out!

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How To Find Barley and Flax Seeds and Grow Them

Barley and Flax can be found within the Plains biome, here you'll find Fuling Villages. These villages are full of enemies and we're in the Plains, don't underestimate the challenge, this is one of the most dangerous biomes so far. Pick off the enemies one by one until there's no longer a threat, take a look around and you should find fields with both Barley and Flax, otherwise, you can find them in chests within the village.

For a more steady flow of materials, you'll want to set up your own farm, rather than keep looking for villages to raid. Barley and Flax will only grow within the Plains biome so it's worth setting up here and using it as your main crops and production location. Use the cultivator, learn more about crafting one here, to plant Flax and Barley, on harvest you'll get two of whatever you choose to grow, keep one and plant the other.

Use the Artisan Table and Flax with the Spinning Wheel to create Linen Thread! The following resources will create a Spinning Wheel:

  • 20x Fine Wood
  • 10x Iron Nails
  • 5x Leather Scraps

Linen Thread can then be used to make a number of higher quality armour and weapons, so if you're at a point in the game where this is feasible, definitely do so!

You might need to upgrade your armour if you're heading into the plains, find out what's the next step up from your current set here.

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