Valheim Turnip: Where To Find Turnips, Seeds and Turn Them Into Stew

Finding ways to keep yourself from starving in Valheim can be a little confusing at first and it's easy to get into a habit of just using cooked meat. You'll soon realise this isnt the best use of your resources and you make items which will give you greater health and stamina. So, let's get to harvesting Turnips and making Turnip Stew!

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Where To Find Turnips and Turnip Seeds

To get Turnips, or seeds, you'll need to head to the Swamp biome, be sure you're prepared as it can be pretty dangerous if not. They can be identified by their yellow flowers, so keep an eye out on the floor. Once you find one, collect it and head back to your base, you'll now be able to start planting and farming them, do so using the Cultivator.

How To Make Turnip Stew 

To make Turnip Stew, you'll need both Raw Meat and 3 Turnips, head to the cauldron and the recipe should be there. You can stack up to 10 of them and they will regenerate 50 health and stamina. There's not much other use for them aside from making a stew, though you can feed them to tamed boars if you have plenty to spare.

If you want to learn how to use the cultivator in more depth, you can do so here.

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