New Uncharted movie photo brings on fan criticisms on Twitter

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The Uncharted movie has not been well received by fans of the game. Making a good video game movie is very hard since fans want different things, and it's an entirely different medium. In addition, a picture from the film has been revealed, and Twitter users aren't too happy with it.

A screenshot of a still of a movie based on a video game named Uncharted
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Why don't video game movies do well? First you have to care about the game

There are many reasons why this movie will fail. The first is the very questionable choices of casting Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Second, it's already hated by fans, so moviegoers who don't care about the game need some way to engage with it.

The Uncharted movie casting isn't very good

It's not always essential to get characters' looks right--unless you're making a movie based on a video game. Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are probably two of the worst casting decisions I've ever seen. A character in a video game is most likely to be defined by their voice acting and artwork.

It doesn't matter what age the characters are supposed to be in the film, and these two look nothing like the characters they're playing. The way Mark Wahlberg speaks sounds nothing like the suave manner of speaking Sully does. Moreover, Mark's casting choice seems completely unimaginable; who would have thought of him as Sully?

Second, I love Tom Holland, but he's no Nathan Drake. Fans realize this the more they see pictures of him because he doesn't sound like Nathan Drake or have the stature of Nathan Drake. There is no doubt that star power overshadowed good casting in this one, and it will hurt the movie.

The fans of the games hate the Uncharted movie already

Every single time something is revealed about this movie, Twitter has a fit. In fairness, the majority of fans would hate this movie even if everything went perfectly. No fan of Uncharted will feel like they are looking at a live-action version of the game when they view the picture. You can see how much hate this picture received by looking at the tweets below.

Sony now has to appeal to regular moviegoers who like actors. While this isn't such a bad thing, they'll be bombarded with online hate until the movie comes out. What are our thoughts? It would have been better if Sony chose people who resembled the characters at least a little.

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