UFC 4: How To Defend Takedowns - Defensive Moves, Tips, Tricks and More!

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The premier fighting game, UFC 4 will be releasing all over the world soon; and players are itching to fight as their favourite UFC star. 

For new players to the series, learning the controls and important tactics is one of the most important parts of any fighting game. 


Making sure you are aware of how to defend takedowns can save you from some tricky situations. 

Here's how to!



EA Sports has gone ahead and posted a full tips and tricks hub for all new and returning players for UFC 4.


This is where we will be pulling the controls from for defending takedowns as well! 

It is vital that you know these controls, as getting pulled into a takedown can be devastating for your game and will likely result you in losing!



According to the EA Website, here are some of the key controls for defending takedowns. 


"Denying Takedowns: ^RT^+^LT^"

"Denial Timing: ^RT^+^LT^"

"Judo Reversals: ^RB^+^LT^+^RT^"

"Submission Reversals: ^LB^+^LT^+RT^" 


"Pre-Emptive Deny: ^RT^+^LT^"


For some more clarity on these controls check out the below YouTube video from Bayliun.