UFC 4: Release Date, Trailer, Beta, Cover Stars, Gameplay, Roster, Game Modes, Cover And Everything You Need To Know

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UFC 4 will be the next installment in the renowned fighting game franchise.

Despite not making a showing at the EA Play showcase, we got the first official trailer during UFC 251.


UFC 4 will launch soon and there are a lot of new and amazing changes coming to the game soon!

Here is everything we know about UFC 4!

Latest News

Costa Vs. Adesanya UFC 4 Trailer - September 26th

Check out the trailer below:

Soundtrack - 7th August


Top 50 Fighters: #10-1 - 7th August

EASportsUFC has started to countdown the top 50 fighters in UFC 4!

Here's #10-1:

Top 50 Fighters: #20-11 - 5th August

EASportsUFC has started to countdown the top 50 fighters in UFC 4!

Here's #20-11:


Top 50 Fighters: #30-21 - 3rd August

EASportsUFC has started to countdown the top 50 fighters in UFC 4!

Here's #30-21:

Top 50 Fighters: #40-31 - 31st July

EASportsUFC has started to countdown the top 50 fighters in UFC 4!

Here's #40-31:


Career Mode Trailer - 31st July

Top 50 Fighters: #50-41 - 27th July

EASportsUFC has started to countdown the top 50 fighters in UFC 4!

Here's #50-41:

Official Gameplay Trailer Released - 21st July


Check out the Offical Gameplay Trailer below:

More Special Characters Is Something EA Will Look Into - 21st July

In an interview with Gfinity, UFC 4's Creative Director Brian Hayes spoke about the potential for more special fighters in the game.

Hayes revealed the special guests currently announced are the only ones fans can expect.

However, he continued to state special characters are something they would be interested in exploring further.

This is exciting as there are so many possibilities for special appearances in the UFC title.


Let's hope we get a few more special characters in the future.

Check out our full article here.

Jorge Masvidal Is Struck By UFC 'Cover Curse' - 15th July

EA Sports have recently revealed the cover of their latest UFC title.

The cover will feature Israel Adesanya and Jorge Masvidal, two of the biggest stars in the UFC currently.

However, the superstitious 'cover curse' is something UFC fans will be very familiar with.

The 'cover curse' refers to the misfortune experienced by fighters who feature on the UFC cover.


The curse has taken another victim, with Jorge Masvidal losing his latest fight to Kamaru Usman after his feature on the cover.

UFC 4 Arrives In August - 11th July

UFC 4 is arriving on the 14th August, with EA Access members being able to play on the 7th.

“EA SPORTS UFC 4 is the best fighting game ever made,” UFC President Dana White said. “Fans can play in the top arenas, as well as in Backyard and Kumite environments. This game allows you to play with the top athletes in UFC history*, plus legends like Bruce Lee and boxing champions Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. It’s crazy how good this game is.”

The new game includes new environments, an overhauled Career Mode and plenty of customisable gear.

You can read all about it below.


Photo via EA Sports

Release Date

The release date for UFC 4 is the 14th August 2020.

Those that have EA Access will be able to play the game on a trial basis 7 days early, meaning the game will be available to the public from the 7th August 2020.



The game has been confirmed to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


We're expecting the game to be upgraded for the PS5 and Xbox Series X when it launches.

There is still a chance UFC 3 will be playable on PC, but we do not know as of now.

UFC 3 was previously not obtainable on the PC, but EA could change their minds with the latest instalment. Especially as they're shifting a heavy focus on cross-platform play, especially on PC.


.Players can develop and customize characters through a unified progression system across all modes to go from unknown amateur to UFC superstar in the new Career Mode.

New to UFC 4, players can also experience four all-new environments, including The Kumite, The Backyard, UFC Apex and Action Avenue, or challenge the world in new Blitz Battles or Online World Championships to become the undisputed champ.


Performance details like weight class and one of five MMA disciplines, including Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and more, define how players fight, while over 1,600 new pieces of earnable gear, over 120 emotes and more allow players to put their personality on display while doing it.


Who Will Be On The Cover?

It has been confirmed that UFC stars Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya will share UFC 4's front cover.

It was Conor McGregor who was posted on the front cover of UFC 3.

However, Masvidal and Adesanya are arguably the biggest stars in the UFC currently, so it is no surprise they have been chosen.


So far, little is known about the beta and when it will arrive apart from the information listed on the official US Microsoft Store.


The page requests you to redeem a code, to play, as the beta is "currently not available".

As expected the beta features up to two-player online and local multiplayer.

The beta also mentions in-game purchases, but whether this is actually available in the beta or not remains to be seen.

Its size is approximately 10.47 GB and will require Xbox Live Gold to play online.

With the beta appearing on the Microsoft Store, as well as the official reveal coming at UFC 251, we can expect the beta to go live very soon and more details to follow on the 10th July.

Photo via Microsoft


Pre-Order Bonuses

The game now will get boxers Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, along with a Backyard Customization Pack and Kumite Customization Pack containing cosmetic items.

Additional benefits are available for players who purchase UFC 4 through an in-game tile in UFC 3 or UFC 2, including 10% off UFC 4, martial arts legend Bruce Lee and 500 UFC points.

GET READY TO RUMBLE: Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury join the fight

“Fighting is what I have dedicated myself to. No matter the stage or opponent, I’ll always back myself.” Said Two Time Unified Heavyweight World Champion Anthony Joshua “My character in UFC 4 will be no different. I’m looking forward to picking up the controller and dominating UFC 4.”

“I have a lot of respect for the UFC fighters but I’m the greatest fighter in the world.” said WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury. “It’s going to be exciting to watch players use my boxing skills to outshine the most talented MMA fighters in UFC 4.”


Game Modes

With no confirmed modes for UFC 4, we can expect the game modes to be similar to UFC 3.

Expect the following game modes in UFC 4 and maybe even more!

  • Career Mode
  • G.O.A.T Career Mode
  • Ultimate Team
  • Multiplayer Versus 
  • Quick Play 
  • Tournament 


Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are part of the star-studded roster joining UFC 4.


For a full list of confirmed fighters, you can find them here.

More will be added at a later date.


Career Mode

An overhaul is coming to the Career Mode as it introduces a brand-new way to develop fighter backstories and offers an in-depth evolution process for the duration of the fighter’s career.

The new fighter evolution feature lets players dictate a fighter’s skill set, as every punch is thrown, or every takedown executed builds fighters up in that specific discipline.

Relationship Building brings the impact of partnerships and rivalries into UFC 4, learning from both friend and foe to gain experience and learn vital skills.


Players can pick their path, which allows them to choose the fights, weight class and rivalries they want, ensuring no two careers are alike.

Video via TmarTn2

Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team game mode has been a stalwart of EA's sports games for quite some time now. 

UFC 4 will for sure have an ultimate team, although it is not a traditional team sports game where you can build a roster of a certain amount of players.

That does not mean you will not love collecting some of your favourite fighters!



Expect some new game modes related to online play and even more ways to engage with your friends.