UFC 4: How To Clinch - Offense, Takedowns, Trips, Elbows and More!

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UFC 4 is the latest fighting game from EA Sports, as the series has undergone some massive changes since its last iteration and is highly anticipated among fans.

One of the most revamped aspects of the game is Clinching, this game-breaking mechanic can win any fight for you! 


Here's how to perform one!


Offensive Clinch 

EA Sports has posted their own tips and tricks guide over on their website, which can be found here.


This is where we will be taking the Clinching controls from for UFC 4, but before we get into the controls we will need to explain what a Clinch is.

Essentially a Clinch is an up-close grapple, which can be used to stagger your opponent for a bit.

EA has posted the following controls regarding how to enter a Clinch: 

"^RB^ and tap ^X^ or ^Y^"



Moves While In A Clinch

Once you have your opponent in a Clinch, there is a wide array of moves and takedowns that can be triggered because of this.

Some of them according to EA include: 


"Single Under by tapping ^RB^ + ^X^ or ^Y^"

"Trips and throws, with ^RB^ + ^A^ or ^B^"

"Uppercuts: ^X^ or ^Y^\nHooks: ^LB^ + ^X^ or ^Y^"

"Elbows: ^LB^ + ^X^ + ^A^ or ^Y^ + ^B^"


"Knees to Leg: ^A^ or ^B^\nKnees to the Body: ^LT^+^A^ or ^B^\nKnees to the Head: ^LB^+^A^ or ^B^"

"Flying Submissions: ^LT^ + ^RB^ + ^X^ or ^Y^"