Titanfall Experiencing Yet Another DDOS Problem

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If you’re getting another Titanfall server DDOS error message, yes, it’s happening again.

A little over one month after the last Titanfall DDOS issue cropped up, a hacker is once more attempting to interfere with Respawn’s servers.

While Titanfall has nowhere near the player base Apex Legends does now, Respawn is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible — much to the dismay of Apex Legends fans.

Not all Titanfall fans are pleased either, however.

The Titanfall Reddit rejoiced that Respawn would take action so quickly, but some expressed disappointment that this was even happening again, asking Respawn to ban the person responsible so the hack wouldn’t become a monthly routine.

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What Is Titanfall Server DDOS

A DDOS error happens when an outside user interferes with a server and blocks it from interacting with its intended users.

Basically, the hacker blocks people from accessing the server.

How to Fix Titanfall DDOS Error

Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix a Titanfall DDOS problem.

Respawn has to resolve the issue, and while it does take some time, the dev team promised to fix it quickly.

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