Timberborn: How To Earn Science Points

Improving technology is a great way to push progress in the player's districts. In Timberborn, that allows better buildings, amenities, structures, and other fun stuff when they're already researched.

However, these buildings need Science Points to unlock them for use. If you're running low, here's how to obtain them.

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What Are Science Points?

In Timberborn, Science Points are requirements for researching structures, allowing your beavers to build them in districts. Most structures locked behind Science Points are useful, accessing more areas and manufacturing more resources.

Generally, Science Points are needed to progress the beavers' technology, further helping them expand territory and survive longer.

How To Get Science Points

To earn Science Points, players must build Inventor huts to generate them. Each Inventor hut gives 3 Science Points and players need hundreds of points to unlock each structure available to their faction.

Fortunately, Inventor Huts are basic structures that don't need unlocking, but may require logs to build. In the early game, logs should be budgeted wisely so make sure to build structures that'll give the beavers housing, food storage, and water sources first.

Timberborn How To Earn Science Points
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Timberborn Inventor Huts

How To Generate More Science Points

Timberborn only has one source of Science Points, so players just need to build several Inventor huts to rapidly increase their generation. Make sure to build the Inventor huts on barren land to maximize its use, as plots with grass can grow crops and trees instead.

Potentially in a future update, Mechanistry will introduce new ways to use Science Points as there's not much use for these points after researching everything.

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