Timberborn: How to Collect Scrap Metal

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Timberborn has a late game resource through scrap metals, which players can get when they've stabilized their sprawling districts.

This resource is required to make advanced structures to further add functionality and sustain districts. Here's what you need to do.


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How To Obtain Scrap Metal

Scrap metals must be salvaged from Ruins. In Timberborn, Ruins are the remains of human buildings, who left the planet a long time ago. Players can find these scattered across the map, often placed in barren and faraway areas.

How To Process Scrap Metal

Once players have scrap metal , they'll need to build a Grinder, the gateway structure to start the metal age of their districts. A Grinder is made from numerous wood resources like planks, gears and a few pieces of Scrap Metal.


Players must create one Lumber Mill, Gear Workshop and a Power Source to make a Grinder possible. The Grinder processes these scraps into usable metal, which can then be used for technological structures.

What Can Be Built From Metal

Metal is needed to create cooler structures in the late game. Carousels, Irrigation Towers, and Water Dumps can all be made. These metal-needing structures, such as Water Dump, can help the beavers do awesome feats, like creating artificial lakes in closed spaces, or force barren field to grow green with lush grass once more.


Reaching the metal age in Timberborn finally allows players to play around with the map, flooding it as much as they want.