Timberborn: How to Survive Droughts

As players progress through Timberborn, players will often see the weather cycles throughout days and weeks. However, you'll also be informed that a drought's coming soon.

During this weather, a dry spell will stop all natural water sources and leave the beavers to survive with their reserves.

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What Are Droughts

Droughts are a harsh weather condition that occur regardless of the difficulty chosen. This event makes rivers run dry, leaving water gathering buildings unable to do their job. Depending on the difficulty, Droughts can last from a few days to weeks. If left with no water supply, beavers can die out of thirst.

How To Prepare For Droughts

To prevent droughts reducing your workforce, players need to maintain multiple water supplies. Don't rely on a single source, build several Water Pumps and Water Tanks before droughts come.

These structures are available from the beginning and require basic resources to build. Make sure to not overpopulate your districts to prevent quickly, to avoid running out of water in the area.

What Beavers Need In Drought

During drought, Beavers need water to drink on their own while taking care of crops. At best, players should take out crops if a drought is incoming to discourage beavers using water on them.

Once the drought is over, water flows slowly back into its usual routes. Make sure to keep preparing for the next one afterwards, as droughts return regularly.

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