The Witcher Season 3 Starts Filming Very Soon

The Witcher returned to Netflix last month after a 2-year hiatus. While there's been some controversy with regards to how certain characters were treated, plans for Season 3 are already underway.

Coming to us from Redanian Intelligence, the next season of Netflix's hit show begin filming in the forthcoming weeks.

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The Witcher Season 3 Will Start Filming Very Soon

Season 3 begins filming in March 2022, nearly three months after the second season's premiere, while pre-production begins in the upcoming days. It's likely that next season will hit Netflix in early 2023 but right now, that remains speculation.

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That's relatively quick compared to the gap from when season 1 ended and the second began filming. Like with many TV shows and movies though, the pandemic resulted in this delay, causing the long 2-year wait.

In addition to continuing Geralt and Ciri's story, a spin-off TV show is coming along with an anime film. Another anime in Nightmare of the Wolf was released recently, so the aforementioned project could follow this animation style.

Season 2's been another success with fans, causing a spike in players for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - the highest concurrent number of users since the show's inception in 2019. Henry Cavill is also a huge fan of the books, so much so, he snuck a reference to the collection in the show.

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