The Witcher Fans Are Not Happy With This Character Change

The Witcher series

The Witcher series

The Witcher Season 2 is here and it's already under controversy. While the show is setting its own trajectory compared to the books, some fans are especially disappointed with one aspect.

One book character in Eskel has been majorly revised in the show and goes through some unique circumstances this season.

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The Witcher Fans Are Not Happy With This Character Change

Fans of the book have not been shy of voicing their issues with Eskel's turn.


Eskel is like a brother to Geralt, acting as a more violent and impetuous slayer compared to the White Wolf. He has challenged Geralt many times, making for some interesting conflict in perspectives and emotions.

But, we find that Eskel has been infected with a deadly virus and threatens Kaer Morhen. The White Wolf is forced to strike down his friend, whereas he continues to live on in the books.

Many fans of the novels have contested this decision, claiming that the Netflix series purposefully ruins Eskel, a more gentle character in the books.

Another user claims that the Netflix show is not a true adaptation of the book and that Eskel didn't need to be written in the manner he was.

While it can be somewhat disappointing for book fans, it's clear that Netflix wants to go in a different direction to its source material. Season 1's alternating timelines was the first big example of this - another feature that viewers contested. We shall see whether the writers will perform similar twists on future characters.

What did you think of Eskel? Are you happy with the direction they went with the character? Let us know in the comments.

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