The Forgotten City: How To Find Out What Happened to Livia

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The Forgotten City, The Slums. The image shows the slums being lit by a torch beind held by the player. Livia is standing on the right with her back to the player. The slums are dimly lit with some cloth hanging from the ceiling at the back.

The dark mystery surrounding The Forgotten City may not be as it first appears. The key to figuring out where you are and which God is responsible for the golden rule lies with Livia. A character that is mentioned by most of the others but her importance isn't clear until you complete her quest. This is why we're going to show you how to find out what happened to Livia.

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Table of Contents

How To Find Out What Happened to Livia

To find out what happened to Livia, you will need to follow several stages. This is arguably one of the most important quests in the game as it can open up most of the endings and you will find out the truth about where you are.

Step One: Speak to Livia

To trigger off the chain of tasks you need to find out what happened to Livia, as well as start your journey to a profound ending to the game, you will need to speak to her. She can usually be found near the slums or outside them. When you find her, speak to her and follow these conversational options:

  • Do you know a way out of here?
  • Do you...need help?

She will then talk about how Pandoras Box must stay closed. After she says this, you will get the prompt to go and speak to the Priestess, Equitia.


Step Two: Speak to Equitia (The Priestess)

Equitia can be found in the building near the bottom of the steps leading up to Malleolus's villa or she can be found at the top of the steps near the entrance to the Market. When you find her, speak to her and follow these conversational options:

  • What's your story?
  • How did you end up here?
  • A stranger dragged me out of a river...
  • What were you going to say?
  • Alright, I'll do that
  • I'll be careful
  • I'll get right on it

You will then need to chat with all of the citizens.

The Forgotten City, Equitia the Priestess. Equitia is wearing white robes and has light brown hair with pale skin. Her hair is pulled back into a bun.
Equitia and Livia are key characters in finding out a dark truth...

Step Three: Speak to the Citizens

You will need to speak to all of the citizens to see if you can see a pattern with how they ended up in the city. You will need to find 3 common occurrences linked to how they ended up in the city and once you have all three (river, memory, and coin) you should head back to Equitia.


Step Four: Speak With and Follow Equitia

When you go back to speak with Equitia, you need to follow these conversational options:

  • I've been asking people how they've wound up here
  • Some mentioned a river
  • Some mentioned a memory lapse
  • Some mentioned a coin

Once you have told her all three, she will suddenly ask if you met a stranger in the forest before you arrived. Follow the rest of the conversation and then follow her to the baths. When she stops, talk to her again and you will find out where you are and why. From this point, follow the conversation and ask as much or as little as you like. Once you have done this, you will be taken to yet another set of conversational options. We recommend that you go through all of them as they do open up most of the four endings for you. You can also ask her about the location of the missing plaques if you haven't already found them.

Step Five: Let Livia Know She Was Right

Once you are finished with Equitia, head back to Livia and speak with her. All you need to do here is let her know that she was right and that she isn't alone. This will complete the quest.

After you complete this quest, you will find out that The Forgotten City isn't as it appears. Solving mysteries is your main job in the game but it can get a bit complicated. This is why we've put together some guides to help you with other quests. We have one that shows you how to stop the assassin and another on how to get into the upper cistern.