The Forgotten City: How To Get the Treasure Behind the Golden Statue

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The Forgotten City. A golden statue is blocking a doorway. There are pieces of cloth hanging on the stone wall above the doorway. A torch is lighting up the small doorway and statue.

Your task in The Forgotten City is to figure out who will eventually break the golden rule and doom the city. However, it doesn't mean that you can't break the rule to get a few things that you want. There are golden statues across the city and one statue is blocking a door. Behind this door is a chest filled with Denarii. We're going to show you how to get the treasure behind the golden statue.

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How To Get the Treasure Behind the Golden Statue

As you exit the portal and head through the city, you should come across an area on your left with a small doorway and some cloth hanging above it. n that small doorway, there should be a golden statue that is blocking a door. You cannot get into here. To get to the treasure behind the golden statue, you are going to need to break the golden rule. How you do this is up to you.

Once you have broken the golden rule, you will be instructed to run back to the portal. On your way back, you will run past the same doorway but this time the statue will be alive. Get the attention of the statue (without being shot) and get them to follow you by walking slightly out of their sight. When they start to follow you, you need to run around them and through the door that they were blocking.

You need to quickly loot the box at the back of this room and then run to the left. There will be a dead-end but turn around to face the chest and stay here for a few seconds.

The Forgotten City. The treasure chest in the room behind the golden statue. The chest is on a wooden table and there is a skeleton to the left of the table on the floor.
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After a few seconds have passed, run out the door again. The statues will still be after you but there should be a big enough gap for you to run past them. All you need to do now is make it to the portal and head through it to enter a time loop. When you come out on the other side of this time loop, you'll have a lot of Denarii in your pocket.

Denarii is hard to come by in The Forgotten City, so getting a lot by sacrificing the citizens a few times isn't such a bad idea. There are many times in the game that you will need to break the golden rule to progress. We have a guide on how to stop the assassin, which is one mission where breaking the golden rule is the key to completing it. Also, we have a guide that answers an important question - does it have autosave?

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