Is The Cycle Frontier On Console?

the cycle frontier, console

Get ready to traverse a new and alien world in this free-to-play game by Yager. But first, let's answer the question on everyone's lips: is The Cycle Frontier on consoles?

While you're roaming around this far-off planet, you'll need to find and collect resources while avoiding the local alien wildlife. The game is described, fittingly, as a 'competitive quest shooter', and is a PvPvE first-person-shooter. It only recently released onto PC, so there is a slight chance we will see it come to other platforms in future.

To help you get going with your Cycle Frontier adventure, we've got a few handy guides like how to sell items for those all-important Faction Points, and how to play with your friends.

Is The Cycle Frontier On Consoles?

As of release, the only way to get and play The Cycle Frontier is on PC. The game is available on Steam and the Epic Game Store, for free. You can get packs with the game to provide in-game items for a price.

the cycle frontier, console
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Are There Plans To Put The Cycle Frontier On Consoles?

According to some sources, a console release of The Cycle was planned for early 2021. Executive Producer at Yager did state in 2020 that "Console will be available in the first quarter of next year". This has come and gone, and was likely a victim of the pandemic getting in the way of development.

If The Cycle does come to PlayStation and, or, Xbox consoles, there would likely be cross-play between the platforms, too.

At this time, there are no solid plans or confirmations of the game coming to any other platform than PC.

What Is The Cycle Frontier?

Taking place on Fortuna III - a flourishing alien world - you play as a Prospector who must locate treasure, as well as useable resources. Alien creatures will follow your every move, as will other Prospects. Keep your eyes peeled!

There's upgrades, contracts, and multiple combat options to try, either alone or in a team. Check out the official Twitter for updates and new events.

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