The Cycle - How to Sell Items for Faction Points

The Cycle - How to Sell Items

The Cycle - How to Sell Items

The Cycle: Frontier has been in development for some time and its official launch has come with tonnes of new players. If you're looking into how to sell items in The Cycle: Frontier, this is what you need to know before you make a costly in-game mistake.

As you might expect, The Cycle: Frontier will go through tonnes of change over the next few months. This information may change, but it will likely follow the same logic, meaning the method of selling items in-game should largely remain the same.

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How to Sell Items in The Cycle: Frontier

You can sell your items to a handful of different markets all ran by different factions.

Depending on what faction you sell to, you will gain faction points which can be used to upgrade your relationship with that faction.

You have to extract back to the prospect station to access the markets. Doing so will allow you to pick up new quests, look at your gear and get a nice breather away from all the combat.

You can sell pretty much anything in your inventory. You are better off getting into the map with a small pool of items to avoid losing them all.

The FPS view of The Cycle.
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What Are Faction Points?

Once you start selling goods to the various factions of The Cycle, you'll begin to accumulate Faction Points.

Essentially functioning like a scrip currency (think Disneyland if it helps), Faction Points are a currency the factions will basically buy back in exchange for reputation boosts that offer a bunch of other benefits at certain levels.

Other than that, selling items is virtually useless. You certainly don't have to do it, but it's generally worth the trouble. Just take care not to try selling too much in one go. If you're caught out along the way, you risk losing it all.

What is The Cycle: Frontier?

The Cycle: Frontier is an extraction-based PvPvE shooter. You can get into maps with friends, take down enemies and extract with all the best loot.

With a permadeath system, it can get a bit tough long-term. This being said, you can sell off loot and work with others to get out without taking too much damage.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Tarkov, it is sure to get tonnes more support in the future.

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