Is The Ascent Single-Player?

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The Ascent is coming out fairly soon, releasing next month on July 29, and Xbox fans are looking forward to getting their hands on this Xbox-exclusive RPG when it does come out.

Gamers are fairly excited to try out the multiplayer since it features cross-play and these isometric action RPGs make for a good time with friends but there are fans wondering if The Ascent will also be a good single-player game.

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Is The Ascent Single-Player?

While multiplayer has been a big part of a number of trailers, the developers at Neon Giant have assured fans that The Ascent will be just as fun in single-player, which is always good to hear.

Tor Frick, the game’s creative director and one of the Neon Giant co-founders, has said single-player for The Ascent is equal to the multiplayer, but notes that the game’s dynamic does change more if you have multiple players.

Frick seems to suggest that the multiplayer of The Ascent will be slightly more intense since the game is built to get more frantic when there are more players around, while the single-player will still be worth playing but the dynamic won’t change too much.

Still, for those that are intrigued by the futuristic gameplay and Diablo-like combat, this should be a solid enough compromise.

As long as players get a fulfilling campaign to go through that doesn’t feel too padded out with filler enemies, this should be a good time for those who want to play The Ascent by themselves.

Multiplayer will probably be a fun time as well but we’re just glad there’s something in The Ascent for those that want a single-player experience.

The Ascent is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on July 29.