Is The Ascent Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

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The Ascent, a new cyberpunk action RPG from Neon Giant, will finally arrive on July 29 – meaning we don't have long to wait.

Offering isometric shooter combat with unlockable cyberware skills that tweak your playstyle, it was originally showcased before the Xbox Series X launched – and we can't wait to play it.


With the game so closely aligned with Microsoft (it's a PC and Xbox Series S/X exclusive), you may be wondering if it's coming to Game Pass. Here's all we know.

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Is The Ascent Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

Good news - yes, The Ascent is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Not only that, but it'll hit the service on day one.

That means Xbox Game Pass subscribers can begin playing on July 29. In fact, you can preload it now.

With The Ascent being playable with friends, too, it's looking likely you'll be able to squad up with fellow subscribers.

Is The Ascent Coming To Game Pass For PC?

While many Game Pass titles launch into the service on console, some don't make the jump to PC – at least not immediately (looking at you, Outriders).


Still, that's not the case with The Ascent – it'll arrive on Game Pass for PC on day one.

In fact, it'll even be available to stream via the Cloud to compatible devices, too.

For the latest look at the game, check out the trailer below: