When Can You Preload The Ascent?

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Update: the full game is now available to download. Check out the file size below for both PC and Console.

Neon Giant's cyberpunk action-RPG/twin-stick shooter hybrid The Ascent will finally launch on July 29.

A PC and Xbox Series S/X exclusive, it'll also debut on Game Pass on day one. With a dystopian city to fight your way through, you may be wondering just when you can get the game preloaded.

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When Can You Preload The Ascent?

Preloading an Xbox Game Pass game happens in a few stages, and you can technically preload right now.

On your Xbox Series S or X, you can preload The Ascent - it'll now take up 17.05GB.

On PC, it's a similar process. If you search for 'The Ascent' in the Xbox app, you'll be able to preload. It weighs in at a hefty 28.76 GB.

At present, preload doesn't appear to be available on Steam - so you'll have to wait to install the cyberpunk-style shooter.

For the latest look at the game, check out the trailer below: