Tekken 8: Akuma, Jin, Steve Top Character Tier List In March 2024

Tekken 8: Akuma, Jin, Steve Top Character Tier List

Tekken 8: Akuma, Jin, Steve Top Character Tier List

Tekken 7: Akuma, Jin, Steve Top Character Tier List In March 2024

Tekken 8 Tier List


Sergei Dragunov - Ridiculous Offense
King - Throws HURT
Lili - You're Going To Get Mixed
Devil Jin - Always Coming At You
Jin Kazama - Basic Yet Complex
Azucena - She Never Stops
Jun Kazama - Some Terrifying Attack Strings


Paul Phoenix - Demolition Man = Death
Ling Xiaoyu - Get Ready For Phoenix Stance
Leo - A Kick-Based Offense
Feng Wei - Power & Evasion Combined
Reina - Easy To Understand and Hard To Learn
Raven - Hard To Learn andHarder To Beat
Alisa Bosconovitch - Constant Approach & Chainsaw Offensive
Kazuya Mishima - Fundamentals Can Be Scary Too
Victor - Auto-Combo Monster
Lars Alexandersson - Sliding To Victory
Marshall Law - Stance Switching Nightmare
Bryan Fury - From Cold (Defense) To Hot (Offense) In A Snap
Yoshimitsu - No End To His Hijinks


Hwoarang - Scary To Fight Until You Understand Him
Nina Williams - Jab-Based Offensive
Jack 8 - Poke - Jab - & Footsie Machine
Claudio Serafino - Just Some Amazing Punish Options
Steve Fox - Hard To Handle...At First
Leroy Smith - Better Than Before
Panda - Depth Buried In Gimmicks
Zafina - Learn Your Stances To Dominate
Lee Chaolan - Time To Master Just Frames
Kuma - Depth Buried In Gimmicks


Shaheen - A 'Few' Great Options
Asuka Kazama - Worse Than Before

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high-level As of now, Tekken 7 is still continuing on as the main Tekken title for its fourth Season. The high level players have spoken and have noted that Akuma, Steve Fox, and Devil Jin are the three top tier picks in the game right now. Here's why


As seen in the tierlist provided by Tekken 7 streamer and coach, Landon, to Event Hubs, Akuma is on top of the tier list as he is a S character above Steve Fox and Devil Jin. Compared to his release version, Akuma is still a threat that can still take rounds fast if he has enough EX meter and Rage on his side.

Akuma still has safe options to keep his opponent at bay and even have great tools if he wants to go in and aggressively to try to clock his opponents to win the round. Overall, Akuma remains to be a powerhouse he always was since the release of Tekken 7.

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Steve Fox

On the other end, Steve Fox is also considered to be a contender as the second best character in the game according to Landon's tier list. Steve Fox's specialty comes from his aggressive but safe offense if pulled off correctly. Most of Steve Fox's starters and pressure openers can only be punished with jabs that lead to no combo and must be hard read if aiming for decent punish.

Additionally, this character doesn't find himself in many situations where he is in major disadvantage and has a complete set of evasive options even when under pressure. Overall, Steve Fox only asks the player to overcome his high execution barrier if they aim to use him consistently in fights.

Devil Jin

Lastly, Devil Jin was listed to be at the bottom of the S tiers and is a well-known Mishima pick for its long-time Tekken players. Mishima characters are often high execution beasts where players are greatly rewarded if they can input some of their just frame moves with consistency. These characters are also blessed with great offensive tools that hurt really hard and lead into strong combos if landed on their foe.

However, the popularity of these characters have worked against their favor and they feel like predictable bulls with glaring side-specific weaknesses. On the other end, Devil Jin currently stands strong as the best Mishima character due to his safer options compared to Kazuya and Heihachi.

Coupling a Mishima's explosive damage potential, safer options, and few weaknesses make Devil Jin the prime Mishima pick. So far, Kazuya Mishima has to make big risks to land his damage in. On the other end, Heihachi lacks reliable lows to apply good pressure up close.

If aiming to go high in Tekken 7 in this season, these characters are your prime picks in the game.

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