27 May 2021 3:38 PM +00:00

Tekken 7 4.20 Patch Notes: Character Balancing, Customization Items, Arena Changes, and More

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown might have been an exciting announcement but until the game has proven itself, Tekken 7 is still seen as the King of the Ring when it comes to current 3D fighting games.

Constant updates and system balancing has made Tekken 7 a consistently great fighting game, with the surprising Season 4 showing that this game still has legs, and the recent Tekken 7 4.20 update adds even more fixes and custom items for players to enjoy.

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Tekken 7 4.20 Patch Notes: Character Balancing, Customization Items, Arena Changes, and More

The Tekken 7 4.20 patch notes have revealed a number of changes for the fighting game, including balance adjustments for fighters like Law, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Jin, Heihachi, Steve, Jack, Asuka, Feng, Lili, Leo, and more.

It’s always good to adjust fighters, especially if they end up being too cheap to use online, though most players would prefer if they just made all of the characters stronger.

For customization items in Tekken 7, the 4.20 patch notes have confirmed that the Season 4 Hair Set and Season 4 Plushie Set are now available, so you’re now free to customize the new DLC characters.


Being able to customize characters like this is only one reason why Tekken 7 is so popular with fighting game fans, adding doses of personality to make each player feel unique.

PS4 players will be happy to know that the PS4 Tournaments feature has now been added, which should make online play more fun.

Minor changes include changing the Arena’s Pac-Man design into the previous one before it, though players can still purchase the Pac-Man soundtrack if they want to.

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