Google Pixel 7: Release Date, Leaks, Price, And Everything We Know So Far

The Google Pixel 6 has only just been released to a mass of positive reviews, but as with all things tech, we're already looking to the future, namely, the Google Pixel 7 release date.

Recent information looks to give evidence that a new version is in the works, and while that might not be a surprise, it does make us wonder exactly what's coming next, and when we can get our hands on it.

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Here's everything we know so far.


Google Pixel 7 Release Date

It would be likely that the next Pixel would release in 2022, following a familiar pattern we see practically across the board with smartphone developers.

As for which month, we may even see it release around the same time as the Google Pixel 6, however, if recent history has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

The next phone on Google's agenda is likely to be the more affordable Google Pixel 6a though, before any sign of a Pixel 7 crops up, but we imagine that the latter won't be too far behind if previous years are to be believed.

Over the past year chip shortages have plagued a number of industries and resulted in stock shortages and delays...just ask anyone trying to grab a PS5.

We've got our fingers crossed that Google Pixel 7 will arrive smoothly and on time.

Google Pixel 7 Latest News & Leaks

The latest sighting comes from journalist Mishall Rahman via their Twitter feed.

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The sighting was apparently in some of the Android code changes, namely the mention of 'GS201', which could be the next generation of chipset, the current for the Pixel 6 being 'GS101'.

So if this is true, they could be working on improving their own chipset, the Google Tensor, over switching to something different.


Google Pixel 7 Price

So how much good a Google Pixel 7 set you back?

The Google Pixel 6 retails at around £599 with the Pro tipping the scales at £849, so we're expecting a similarly priced next entry upon release.

Google Pixel 7 Battery Life

Arguably one slight complaint with the Google Pixel 6 was to do with battery life.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have 4514 mAh and 5000 mAh batteries respectively, which doesn't exactly blow the competition out of the water - especially if you're eating up loads of data with it too.

We'd imagine that Google Pixel 7 will have an improved battery this time around, or at least we're hoping!

We're still a way off, but we'll keep you posted with all the latest on Google Pixel 7 as soon as we hear it.

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