iPhone 14 Release Date: Latest News, Leaks, Rumors, And More

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The iPhone 14 could be one of the best to date and the build-up to release has already seen its fair share of leaks.

Here you'll find everything we know so far about the iPhone 14, including when it could be heading our way to the latest news on everything from design, cameras, and chipsets.

Let's dive in!

iPhone 14 Release Date

At the moment, there is no official word on this however much like our predictions around the Google Pixel 7 phone, we can safely assume that the iPhone 14 will release around September if it follows a similar pattern of previous years.

The iPhone 13 was released on September 14, 2021, and shipped a few days later. Whether we'll see a release to the day is yet to be seen, and of course, there are potential road bumps that could be hit.

Much like anything nowadays, pre-orders will go live ahead of release. This tends to happen around a week or so before, so we'll alert you the moment they do!

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iPhone 14 Price

The iPhone 14's price is yet to be revealed, but we can make some informed predictions based on what's come before.

The iPhone 13 tips the scales at £799 / $799 to start off with, so we can assume it will be at least this much.

Whether it'll be more expensive or not is yet to be seen, especially since recent rumours have indicated there may be some serious camera upgrades on the way that could bump up the price.

We'll have to wait and see...

iPhone 14 Design

There are already a number of renders circulating around which do their best at creating what the iPhone 14 could look like, however, we'd advise you to take these with a pinch of salt (as we would with recent PS5 Pro renderings too!)

One of the biggest leaks came courtesy of Jon Prosser, who revealed unofficial renders of what the iPhone 14 Pro Max could look like.

The most significant change to the design is that it does aways with the 'notch' and goes for more of a flat surface to the back of the phone.

The renders do look great, but whether it turns into a reality is another thing, and whether the iPhone 14 will have this feature is also yet to be seen.

As for the display itself, there is more to uncover...

Ross Young, who has a similarly good record with leaks, claims that the iPhone 14 Pro will have an under-display Face ID and a 6.06", 1170 x 2532 OLED screen.

It apparently will pack a 60hz refresh rate too, not unlike many of the best gaming monitors, but it's not confirmed yet if the Pro or Pro Max will have higher refresh rates.

iPhone 14 Battery

iPhone batteries have improved in recent years, but they are arguably still a point of focus for many users.

We could potentially still have better battery life if the phone is bigger, but there's not much concrete information out there at the moment.

T3 reported that TSMC is planning on pricing 3nm chips in 2022, which could provide improved energy efficiency and even a performance boost.

These are slated for the second half of 2022, so whether they arrive in time for the iPhone 14 is yet to be seen.

iPhone 14 Camera

As mentioned, some of the renders showcase a triple-lens setup, but a recent report suggests that we could be seeing a 48MP camera upgrade and even the possibility of pixel binning.

This would have to be the case if the sensor was to stay the same size, as more MP could increase noise in low light environments.

We could see a periscope camera too, which would provide long-range optical zoom. A patent spotted by Patentlyapple appears to support these claims.

iPhone 14 Chipset

Under the hood, the iPhone 14 range is predicted to have a new chipset.

This could either be the A16 or A16 Bionic if we follow the pattern from iPhone 13's A15 Bionic chipset.

There are also rumours that we could see up to 8GB of RAM for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

We could even see up to 2TB of internal storage also, according to this report.

There's A Lot To Look Forward To

It can't be denied that we're in for one of the best iPhones to date and we're excited to see just how accurate these leaks turn out to be.

We'll be back with you soon to update this article with all the latest, so be sure to stop by again.

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