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Google Pixel 6 Release Date: When Will The Next Google Phone Come Out?

The Google Pixel 6 is among the most anticipated phones of 2021, but when is its release date?

Likely to make our list of the best phones in 2021, the Pixel 6 will be Google's second Pixel launch of the year, following rumours of a Pixel 5a release in August.

Here's when to expect the Google Pixel 6 to release.

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Google Pixel 6 Release Date

Much like the iPhone 13's release date, the Google Pixel 6's release appears pretty easy to predict.

Every one of Google's flagship phones has released in mid-to-late October. This means it's likely that the Google Pixel 6 will also launch in October 2021. This places the Pixel 6 in front of the release of its Android competitor, the Galaxy S22.

This October date has been corroborated by a leak of the Pixel 6's specs (via Front Page Tech). The leaks also suggest a Google Pixel 6 Pro (the replacement to the 'XL') is also slated for release alongside the base model, featuring an improved camera.


Android 12's final release out of beta is also expected to take place in late 2021, likely coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 6.

Of course, Google could decide to ignore its past precedent and release the Pixel 6 at a later date. Given the component shortages currently impacting the wider technology sector, this may be a possibility.

Google Pixel 6 Announcement Date

Google's announcement of the latest Pixel devices also tends to come around the same time every year - in early October, around two weeks before the full release of the phone.

However, the Pixel 5's announcement bucked the trend by one day, coming on September 30, 2020.

As such, we'd expect the announcement of the Google Pixel 6 to take place in early October 2021, ahead of a launch approximately two weeks later.

These announcements take place in specific Google events tailored to the new Pixel phone. If you want to stay on top of the announcement date, we'd recommend following the official @MadeByGoogle Twitter account.

Indeed, we know the announcement of the Pixel 6 should be imminent, as a recent survey released by Google initially referenced the new phone.

As reported by XDA, a Google Forms link sent to game developers included a question about WindowManager that said: "Device(s) for which these backbuffer resize settings should be applied (e.g. Pixel 6, Pixel 6 XL, etc)."


Of course, this doesn't prove the Pixel 6's existence as it could be a typo, but we'll have to wait and see.

We'll keep this page updated with any new information surrounding the release of Google's Pixel 6 phone.

Google Pixel 6 Pre-Order Date

As with the Samsung S22's release, we'd expect the Pixel 6's pre-orders to go live immediately after its announcement in early October.

The Google Pixel 5, for example, was made available to pre-order on September 30, the same day as its announcement.

However, retailers have been known to publish listings early - often leading to leaks mere days before the official announcement. This is the case more commonly in gaming, but the Pixel 5 also suffered from this.

Eagle-eyed Pixel 6 buyers may want to keep their eyes peeled, just in case.

Google Pixel 6 Latest News And Rumours

While not official confirmed, there are various rumours swirling around the internet concerning the Google Pixel 6's specs.


The most significant of these rumours to come out recently concerns the Pixel 6's chipset. The 'Whitechapel' GS101 chip will see Google move away from a reliance on Qualcomm, with the chip coming from in-house, along with help from Samsung (via 9to5google).

Unofficial renders coming from leaked images of the Pixel 6 also suggest the new Google phone will see its hole-punch selfie camera move from the side towards the middle. Meanwhile, the square camera on the back of the Pixel phone will switch to a horizontal block that goes across the entire back of the device.

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