Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date: Latest News, Leaks, And More

While it may be some way off, avid Samsung Galaxy fans may be wondering when the release date of the S22 will be.

Reported to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 895 SoC, all eyes will soon be on Samsung's next flagship phone.

But when will the release be exactly?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date

Based on past precedent, Samsung will release the Galaxy S22 in early 2022.

Before the Galaxy S21, four of the last five Galaxy S models were released in early-to-mid March. The outlier- the Galaxy S8 - was released on April 21 2017.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 bucked tradition, releasing in late January 2021 instead.

According to the latest reports from Pulse News Korea, the S22 will continue this trend and launch in January 2022. This may put the release near to the launch of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, too.

MyDrivers also slated the S22 for a January release, stating Samsung will begin production in November.

A recent rumour from SamMobile states that the handset could be released on 28th February 2022 at a Galaxy Unpacked event, which would come just before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year. This would return Samsung to their older release schedule.

We don't know for certain, however, whether Samsung will opt to return to the pre-S21 timings, or continue to target an earlier date for the Galaxy 22. Samsung has yet to comment on the S22's release, but we'll update this page when they do.

Indeed, given the various component shortages and logistical issues that are ongoing as a result of the pandemic, it's more likely than ever that large tech companies won't stick to their expected time frames.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Announcement Date

As with past Galaxy S phones, Samsung will likely announce the S22 at a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event just before the phone's release.

The S21, for example, was revealed on 14 January ahead of a 19 January release. Pre-orders also tend to begin shortly after this announcement.

Samsung does host regular Galaxy Unpacked events, with the latest occurring in April 2021. However. it only really announces new phones for the Galaxy S range in the earlier part of the year. The recent event, for example, showed off Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro. The latest Samsung event revealed the new range of Galaxy Z Flip phones, alongside Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 .

Samsung has yet to announce the dates of its inevitable Galaxy Unpacked 2022, but we'll keep you posted when new information comes out.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Pre-Order

As Samsung has yet to acknowledge the S22's existence yet, the date of the pre-orders is still unknown.

However, even not knowing the release date of the Galaxy S22 might not stop Samsung from opening the pre-orders. Pre-order reservations for the S21 (A pre-order to the pre-order) first opened in late December 2020.

Looking to the pre-S21 times, pre-orders tended to go live immediately after the Galaxy reveal. So whenever the S22 announcement is scheduled will likely be not far away from the pre-order date.

If you can't wait that long for your next Samsung product, the company recently held its Samsung Unpacked event. Here, it revealed four new products that are available to buy right now.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Galaxy Note

The Galaxy S22 has not been announced yet, and some Samsung fans would like to keep it that way.

A recent petition from SamMobile urges Samsung to release a new Samsung Galaxy Note phone in early 2022. The petition takes issue with the decision not to release a new Note device in 2021 due to chip shortages.

So here's an idea: If not 2021, how about a new Galaxy Note flagship sometime in the first half of 2022? Maybe Samsung could skip the Galaxy S22 lineup next year and give us a Note instead? Samsung could keep all of its flagship lineups alive by alternating between them, all while keeping all of its fans happy at the same time!

While this is unlikely to happen, recent sales figures show the S21 sold less than its S20 and S10 predecessors, continuing the trend of dwindling sales for the Galaxy S lineup. Perhaps Samsung may soon investigate other options?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Latest Rumours And Leaks

If the Galaxy Note wasn't your taste due to its screen size, the S22's display may suit you better than previous Galaxy S models.

According to Mauri QHD, Samsung will reduce the Galaxy S22's screen size to 6.06" compared to the S21's 6.21". The Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra will also see a slight downsizing of their displays.

In this tweet, the leaker stated that only S22 Ultra will feature LTPO - or Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide - technology. This technology grants the Ultra variable refresh rate depending on the device's use, and was previously seen in the S21 Ultra. While fans may have hoped the Plus and base S22 would feature LTPO, it appears this is not the case.

The latest S22 leaks from SamMobile allegedly detail the Samsung Galaxy S22's model numbers. According to SamMobile's sources, the three S22 models will be listed as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 - SM-S901x
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus - SM-S906x
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - SM-S908x

Another of the latest rumours alleges that Samsung has partnered with Olympus to release a five-lens 200MP camera on the S22. Alongside this, leaker Yogesh has suggested the S22 will feature a 50MP RGBW sensor to further add to the already impressive specs.

This means the upcoming Galaxy phone will have no trouble making our list of the best camera phones for when it releases.

However, a more recent report from Galaxy Club suggests the S22 Ultra will not receive these upgrades, but instead feature the same 108MP camera as its predecessor, the S21 Ultra.

The 200MP camera rumour has also been debunked by TheElec, who have stated that the specs for the S22 have now been locked in.

This isn't the only rumoured upgrade to be rolled back. Notable leaker @FrontTron posted on Twitter information from that suggests the S22 will not include vapor chamber cooling to "save costs" on the upcoming phone.

Aside from these specs, a recent rumour by IceUniverse on Weibo (via MyFixGuide) suggests the Galaxy S22 may support 65W fast charging - a significant upgrade on the 25W/45W fast charging options in the current line of Galaxy phones.

Indeed, following this rumour, a document from the Danish UL suggests the 65W charger has now received certification.

Finally, while past precedent suggests the S22 will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 895 SoC, the latest rumours state this may be more complicated than first expected.

According to GizChina, the S22 will feature the 895, but only in the Chinese and US markets. In Europe and Korea, however, it will use Samsung's own Exynos 2200 chip, which the site claims will offer better performance and utilise RDNA 2.

However, according to a recent leaker via Naver, production issues mean Samsung does not have the Exynos 2200 yield it previously expected. This means most of the world’s S22 phones will feature the Snapdragon 895/898, and not the Exynos 2200.

According to IceUniverse (via GSM Arena), the displays for both the S22 and the S22+ will have zero bezels. It is worth noting this leak has come from an early screen protector render, but this could be an indication of what to expect in the coming months.

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