Does the Xbox Series X support dual monitors?

A black Xbox Series X with a controller leaning against it.
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Does Xbox Series X support dual monitors? If you're hoping to enjoy a more PC-like experience, then it's a question that needs answering.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are more like gaming PCs than ever before, and some people with the best PC rigs will use an impressive ultrawide monitor. Some don't, leaning more toward a dual monitor setup, however, with both choices equally as awesome as each other.

With Microsoft not only being the main PC provider but also in charge of the Xbox Series X, it's natural to assume some crossover in functionality here. So, does the Xbox Series X support dual monitors? Here's what you need to know before buying that extra monitor.

Does the Xbox Series X support dual monitors?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Xbox Series X does not support dual monitors. It also doesn't support ultra-wide either, we're sorry to say.

But why is this case? Well, it likely comes down to tailoring the console to the majority over the minority, which is an understandable tactic with both Microsoft and Sony.

We're more likely to see Xbox Series X support ultrawide displays in the future than we are dual monitors in our opinion, but exactly when that could happen is still a mystery.

At the moment, the console does have the edge over the PS5 in terms of resolution support, as the Xbox Series X can output in 1440p. That means you can pair it with any of the great 1440p monitors on the market and get a lightning-fast, super-smooth gaming experience.

The jury is still very much out as to whether PS5 will support 1440p at the time of writing.

A black Xbox Series X with a controller leaning against it.
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Credit: Xbox
MAJORITY APPEAL: We think it's unlikely we'll see dual monitor support in the future

What is the best alternative to a dual monitor setup?

If you're looking for something to capture the width of a dual monitor setup for Xbox Series X, we'd say your best bet is going as large as possible. At the moment, several HDMI 2.1 displays hit around 43" in size, but also feature fast response times, 4K resolution, and low input lag.

You can see more of our top HDMI 2.1 monitor picks here, or check out the best monitors for Xbox Series X here to see what's available.

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