Old McAlphen Has a Farm In Tales of Arise and You Will Too

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Bandai Namco released a new Tales of Arise trailer showing some of the game's features, including the low-key reveal that Tales of Arise farming is a thing.

In the trailer, we see Alphen interacting with some (absolutely adorable) Rappigs, which are pretty much what they sound like: a cross between a rabbit and a pig. He's not just saying hi and moving on, though.


Another shot shows Alphen in a farmer's outfit caring for the Rappig after walking through a field of wheat, as the caption "reap the rewards of the land" plays on screen.

The Japanese version of the trailer also shows a farm hand, livestock menu, and stables with other animals.

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Old McAlphen Has a Farm In Tales of Arise and You Will Too

We'd like to think this is just animal husbandry, but there could be a less savory - or perhaps more savory, depending on your viewpoint - explanation for the farm.

Like its predecessors, Tales of Arise features a cooking system with dishes that boost stats and what looks like special cutscenes when certain characters cook meals.

Image showing Tales of Arise farming
Cuddly Rappig or piggy burger in the making?

Some of these use meat, and it's gotta come from somewhere.

Whether you harvest animals for food or cuddles, Tales of Arise is shaping up to be one of the series' more involved entries.

A fishing system joins farming and cooking as one of the pastimes you can enjoy when you aren't liberating the oppressed, and the skits - side conversations between characters - use a brand-new style and fresh method of delivery.

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