Bandai Namco Announces Tales of Arise Demo for Consoles

A second round of Tales of Arise previews went live - including one from us, where we dive into the changes and similarities in Bandai's bold new vision - and another announcement accompanied them.

Tales of Arise demos will go live on August 18 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5, though made no mention of a PC demo.

Bandai also didn't announce whether the demos will let you carry your save data to the final product when it launches September 10. The demo for Tales of Berseria, the previous game in the series, didn't have a save import feature, though Arise might be different.

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Bandai Namco Announces Tales of Arise Demo for Consoles

Assuming the demo is the same as the preview build, it'll likely cover the story's first few hours up to the initial boss fight against Balseph, Renan lord of Calaglia. That means plenty of time for Arise's new twist on skits and its in-depth combat system.

What it won't cover is still quite a bit, though. Arise introduces a bevy of new features, including farming (complete with adorably tasty Rappig) and an extensive skill tree system.

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