Smash Ultimate: Steve's Instantly Killing Other Fighers In New Bug

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Minecraft's Steve has joined the all-star cast that makes up Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Steve has had a big impact on the way that players engage with Smash fights and have already discovered a zero-to-death combo.


With update v9.0.0 now live, it brings in the second fighter of the new Fighters Pass and players are already exploring what Steve can do.

Oddly, a new glitch is causing players to fall under the stage.

Minecraft's Steve Is Breaking The Game

While many are finding success with Steve, others are having a miserable time.


A new bug has surfaced that is forcing players to fall through the stage and unable to recover from this error.

Check out an example of it below.

The user that discovered this bug, Bunsen-Burn, has said that they were able to replicate this bug by breaking the bottom block with a second jab while a block floats above.


The testers go on to explain that this bug could be replicated in the omega version of Minecraft World.

While trying to replicate this with other characters and other moves, there were varying degrees of success.

So what's causing the issues? They go on to explain their theory behind the issue:

"If Samus is to jab two blocks lined horizontally on the ground, she will teleport on top of the second block. However, if there is another block overhead, Samus's head would hit it, thus making her teleport downwards, placing her ECB below the floor of the stage. We are now trying to find if this occurs with other characters."


They confirmed this glitch can also occur with Donkey Kong, King Dedede, Link and Incineroar.

It's a strange glitch but could quickly become game-breaking, so we hope that Nintendo will pull through with an update soon.