Smash Ultimate: How To Do Steve's Zero-To-Death Combo

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Minecraft's Steve is the latest character to be added to the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Steve creates a unique and interesting opportunity for fighters and for the game as a new world is dragged into the expansive and inclusive title.


So much so, many of the levels had to be redesigned to accommodate this one character.

With update v9.0.0 now live, it brings in the second fighter of the new Fighters Pass and players are already exploring what Steve can do.

And surprisingly, players have already discovered a zero-to-death combo to troll your online opponents.

How To Do Minecraft Steve's Zero-To-Death Combo

Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman and Saleem ‘Salem’ Akiel Young were testing out what Steve could do when the duo discovered the combo.


By analysing the frame date of Steve's attacks, they managed to discover a relatively easy way to kill an opponent on 0%.

Steve’s jab with all of his swords with the (except his gold sword) comes out at frame 4 and has 15 frames between hits.

Steve’s forward air is also an overhead attack with spike potential; meaning you can combo the jab into the forward air.

Here's how to perform the combo:

  1. First, grab your opponent and perform a downthrow.
  2. Then, dash forward and release the stick and start jabbing to push them off the stage
  3. Next, hit them with a forward air spike
  4. Finally, press B while off of the stage to place a block

This becomes even easier with Diamond tools.

It really is that simple. But, it only works on a selection of characters; those being teleport recoveries such as Palutena or Inkling.


So actually, it's not all that effective. But, it's definitely a great way to help control the stage and your opponent.