Smash Ultimate: Will There Be A Fighters Pass 3?

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is well into its second Fighter Pass having now added Min Min and most recently Minecraft's Steve into the mix.

With the Switch game still thriving, you might be curious what the future has in-store for the fighting game.

While many have speculated that this could be the final Smash game to be made (which I think is highly unlikely) the future of the series has some doubt lingering on it.

So what happens once the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 finishes? Will there be a Vol. 3?


Will There Be A Fighters Pass 3 In Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Nintendo's most recent financial report could mean some very good news for Smash Ultimate fans.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and only one character releasing at the end of Q2, sales of the second Fighters Pass have sold very well.

In general, digital software had a 139.4% year-on-year increase. This bodes well for a game that has over 21 million sales.

With this information in mind, it would make perfect sense to release a third Fighters Pass.

Currently, there are over 80 fighters in the game - it would seem fitting for Nintendo to push that total past 100 for the Ultimate Smash experience.

Despite it being said many times that this Fighter Pass will be the final DLC for Smash, there are always opportunities for Nintendo to change their mind.


There are so many iconic characters in the video game industry that have yet to make it to the stage.

With legends like Steve being added, it opens the door to so many other options; the possibilities are endless.

We can only hope that if this is truly the final DLC season for Smash it's because a new title is in the works.

Fighters Pass Vol. 2 is set to conclude in 2021 and what lies ahead is unknown. But this is undoubtedly good news for those that want more Smash content.